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InvoiceNow/ E-Invoicing

Go Digital on Invoicing

Having an InvoiceNow network connection would mean that e-invoices can be sent and received directly between your finance and accounting systems and your customers’ finance systems with no time wasted on manual data entry or print outs that needs to be re-keyed into your system.

How to Join E-Invoice Network

Step 1: Send email to to register Peppol ID or transfer Peppol ID to  access point provider 

Step 2: Install SAP Peppol Addon function to your SAP software

Step 3: Identify customer and supplier Peppol ID and sync their Peppol ID from Singapore Peppol Directory to your SAP B1 software 

Learn How E-Invoice Works with SAP B1

How to register customers and suppliers in SAP B1 with Peppol ID

You can easily create and identify the Peppol ID from SG Peppol Directory from SAP B1. An integration is done to search and synchronise business partners with Peppol ID into SAP B1.

Supplier receives Invoice Response from Buyer

Find out how simple to receive an invoice response from buyer

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