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Case Study – Ecommerce

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Our customer deals in all kinds of industrial sewing machines and garment equipment from cutting, sewing to finishing section (One-Stop Solution). Their business network spans from Singapore to Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Business Challenges

  • Rapid expansion to different countries require 24 x 7 presence so that potential customers can source for the machines.

  • Rich variety of items sold require spare parts for servicing over time.

  • Need to educate dealers and customers on which machines or equipment can be used to make what type of garment parts.

Expectations and Objectives

  • To implement an online ecommerce portal for quotations request globally.

  • To provide an education platform to allow customers and dealers to understand which machine is suitable to make which garment part.

  • To facilitate global expansion so requests for quotation can be made centrally to the ecommerce portal.

System Recommended – Magento Ecommerce

Why Magento Ecommerce

  • Magento Ecommerce is the standard ecommerce platform for expanding business and it can be further enhanced to link to the backend ERP system.

  • Magento ecommerce screen is mobile and tablet friendly.

  • Return of investment can be seen within short period of time as quotation requests stream in after live run.

Key Benefits

  • Allowing dealers and potential customers to have access to product information 24 x 7 which is important for operations across different time zone.

  • Making platform as a rich source of information for checking machines types to use for different garment types.

This project is brought live by Integrated Information Systems Pte Ltd.

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