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SAP software is for SMEs

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

More than 80 percent of SAP’s customers are small and midsize companies (210K+).

  • The majority of those are coming through partners and other channels (with a goal to move to 100 percent of SME customers through the channel).

  • SAP solutions for SMEs offer proven success for each dimension of a subsidiary operation as well as for private / public cloud operations.

  • Almost 70,000 SAP Business One customers.

  • 2,100+ subsidiaries of large enterprises run SAP Business One

How we define SME: SAP considers companies with less than 1,000 employees or $1 billion USD in revenue to be SMEs. This definition covers the majority of companies, but is not used exclusively. For example, a construction company with more than 1,000 employees but only a handful of computers in use would be considered an SME. The same would apply to a hedge fund-type company that might have over $1B in revenue but only 30 employees.

With the launch of the strategic division SMB Solutions Group we define SMB as a subset of SME:

  1. Small and midsize business (SMB): up to 500 employees; more than half of our 210,00 SME customers fall into this category

  2. Small and midsize enterprise (SME): wider category from small businesses through midsize companies; more than 80 percent of our customers fall into this category

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