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Case Study – Outdoor Service Industry

The customer is an award winning landscaping company who has done projects for hotels, commercial buildings and public parks. Customer’s current system is disparate (finance and operation systems are separate) and does not provide real-time Profit and Loss information to management. At the same time, management also needs to check that the overall expenses including material costs, labour costs and etc do not exceed the budget. Also, due to recurring nature of billing (billing every month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, there is difficulty to keep tracking of billings.

Business Challenges

  1. Difficult to track project budget after tender or contract is awarded.

  2. Difficult to track recurring billing based on contract.

  3. No real time visibility on profit and loss by project and further analysis into the different divisional sales .

  4. Need to duplicate data from operational system to accounting system as they are separated. This practice creates a potential problem of traceability from financials to source transactions as well as mistakes during entry.

Expectations and Objectives

  1. To implement an integrated new system which will streamline financials and operational process all in one to improve productivity.

  2. To track project profit and loss real-time.

  3. To set automatic recurring template for invoices to be billed to customers.

  4. To provide tools to analyse sales and expenses from different divisions.

System Recommended

SAP Business One, Crystal Report, XL Reporter


  1. Implementation vendor, Integrated Information Systems Pte Ltd has demonstrated that SAP is flexible to add new fields and reports which are essential for the daily running of the business.

  2. SAP is a brand name which we can rely on for its best practice and its continual existence in the market.

  3. Return of investment can be seen within short period of time. The implementation only took 6 weeks to complete

Key Benefits

  1. Real time tracking of project budget allows management to control expenses

  2. Automatic recurring template from SAP allows users to conduct regular billing with ease

  3. With enhanced analysis on the division revenue and expenses, management can make decisions on which divisions to focus on to bring the company to the next level.

This project is brought live by SAP Partner – Integrated Information Systems Pte Ltd.

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