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Cloud and Networking Services

No installation required

Image by imgix
Image by imgix

Cloud Hosting and Backup

We provide cloud hosting in a datacenter environment in Singapore. We adopt SSD (Solid State Harddisk) technology in datacenter which is several times faster than conventional harddisk. We also provide VPN so that SAP can be accessed via web browser and desktop app on user’s desktop.

Disaster Recovery Testing

We provide disaster recovery planning and exercise with customer to test within certain time periods whether recoveries of data is possible and afterwhich is operational to users. It is recommended to practise disaster recovery exercises half annually or annually. Disaster usually involves hardware failure, system corruption, malware attacks and etc.

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Image by Lars Kienle

Office Networking

If you are opting for a server to be placed in your office or you need to setup your wifi network in your office, we provide networking services as well as IT outsourcing services to help you manage your IT issues.

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