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SAP B1 Services

Getting you from zero to live run

Group Discussion

SAP Requirement Study

We believe in setting the right foundation framework for our customers. Our consultants with diversified industry knowledge will work with your users to understand the current business process flows and make recommendations of good practices from same or different industries with respect to SAP system. In this way, the new SAP system will be meaningful not only to replacing the current software but also to bring about process changes to adapt to new business challenges. If requirement phase is done right, customer will be able to save up to 60% of time in the following phases towards live run.

SAP B1 Training

Training can be conducted one to one or in a classroom environment. Normally, training session will be planned according to functions and role such as Sales Training, Purchase Training, Inventory and Warehouse Training, Financial Training, Management Training and etc.

Classroom Setup
Reviewing Paperworks
Image by Mimi Thian

SAP B1 Implementation

Implementation relates to the work done to import customer, supplier, items master data. It also include the layouts such as quotation, invoice layouts, etc customization. We can follow the layouts from what you have used and place your logo, bank information, QR payment codes, Ship to information or design new ones. Common layouts examples which can be generated from SAP are as follows on the right

Multiple printing formats from SAP

SAP B1 Annual Maintenance Contract

To better protect your SAP investment, we also provide the SAP annual maintenance contract which will allow customers to gain access to new versions of SAP Business One software each year. This maintenance will also include bug fixes in SAP functions if any.

Hotline Consultant
Person Analyzing Data


We have an inhouse customization team that can serve your needs better. Sometimes, it is necessary to develop customisations so that usage will be more convenient and time saving. For example, if you are selling and purchase a lot of items and hope to use a single action or button to match and close the sales order and purchase order and auto generate into invoices, that can be done using customization. Customer has reflected a reduced operation time of 1 hour instead of 3 days to perform the manual matching of orders (checking backorder balance and preparing invoices)

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