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SAP Business One – Driving Sales through Data Insight

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Client is a distributor of machines and equipment to the global market. Client has a regional sales team who will provide quotations to enquiries from around the world.

With the COVID situation always changing and impacting the world economy, management is looking at how to measure and improve salesperson performance through simple insight to the sales quotation to order process.

Business Challenges

  • Sometimes, same customer may request same quote from different salesperson. This results in duplicated sales quotation amount being recorded which gives false impression to management that sales enquiries are doing well.

  • Salesperson may not follow up on quotation made because they have forgotten about it or other reasons.

  • Management do not know in detail how many quotations are won and converted to orders and the country breakdown during the sales process

Expectations and Objectives

  • To implement a dashboard for SAP Business One to display sales information in a easy to understand format.

  • To track % of sales quotation converted to sales order

  • To track salespeople performance

  • To identify duplicated sales quotation from different salesperson


  • Management is able to identify and remove duplicated sales quotation and assign specific salesperson to follow up

  • Management is able to see which country provides best conversion rates and allocate more marketing to it

  • Management is able to track salesperson performance through time on their SQ to SO conversion and also to check on their followups

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