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Tracking Inventory with Barcode/ QR Code on Cloud with Android App

Sometimes, organisations just need a simple solution to track inventory in and out of the office or from multiple locations without the need to link to accounting or their current ERP solution. There are many reasons why organisations need a separate inventory tracking system from ERP or a standalone inventory system. Some reasons are below.

  1. Consumables which ERP does not track inventory quantity

  2. Own Assets

  3. Loan Assets to Customers or Internal Resource

  4. Items with expiry date and ERP does not track

Examples of use in areas: School LaboratoryLoan of items, Tracking consumablesMedical LaboratoryLoan of items, Tracking consumablesShipyardLoan of items, Tracking inventory in multiple locations, Issue of consumablesOfficeIssue of marketing materials and consumables, Loan of itemsCleaning SupplyTracking consumables, Loan of items, Purchase of new items

Our solution to above situations is to have a mobile app to scan items in and out. To implement such solution, we can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Provide the list of item codes or batch no. to us. We will provide the barcode/ QR code in word document format for you to print onto sticker labels easily purchased from stationery stores. Additional information such as item description can be added.

Step 2: Download our android mobile app to scan to receive or issue the item

Step 3: View web reports on item balance and item in/out based on date range

Item In/ Out Report

Item Balance Report

Other features include Low stock reminder during transaction, expiry date, received by which user or issue by which user. Integration to your ERP software is possible too if you need (additional interfaces required).

Email us at for monthly subscription offers and how to set up the software in days.

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